Sparrows Point Shipyard Industrial Park has one of the largest, privately-owned graving docks on the east coast. At 1200’ by 200’ with a depth of 28’, the Graving Dock can accommodate a wide range of vessels for repair, construction, and recycling.

The Graving Dock has also historically been used and is available for use in other construction activities, such as tunnel segment construction and other large components more easily transported via barge or water.

Each side of the Graving Dock is serviced by a 200-ton Clyde crane. Electric, fresh water and sewer services are available at the dock.

The Graving Dock also has a midgate, which can be installed in either one of two locations at approximately 400’ intervals, which allows for wet and dry work to occur simultaneously.

The Graving Dock and Clyde cranes are available to rent on both a short and long term basis. Crane rentals are provided with operators. SPSIC requires rental of its cranes and heavy equipment for usage in and around the Graving Dock. However, SPSIC does not require usage of its contractors and allows tenant to select and utilize their own duly licensed and qualified contractors.
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