Rules and Regulations
All scheduling for crane operators must be made through Heather Sites or Kyle Heitzman; any requests and changes must be made in writing, and not directly to the operator. Please use the form on the Contact Us page for requests.

Crane operators require a half hour of start-up and shut-down time per shift; this time is the financial responsibility of the tenant. This time may be incorporated into the requested hours, or added to the beginning and end. i.e. If you request a crane time of 0700-1500, either the crane operator can climb at 0645 so the hook is ready at 0700 and can stop operating the crane at 1500 and be down on the ground at 1530 (for a total of 8.5 hours), or he can climb at 0700 and the hook will be ready at 0715 and stop operating the crane at 1445 and be on the ground at 1500 (for a total of 8 hours).

Any time the crane is moving the tenant must have a ground man to communicate with the crane operator. The crane operator will not move the crane unless there is a ground man.

Tenant is responsible for ensuring that loads to be picked are within the limits of the crane capacity (crane charts can be provided upon request). Crane operator can refuse to pick up any load.

The crane must be tied down at lunch. If the crane is not tied down, the operator cannot take lunch and the tenant will be charged for that time.

Tenant authorized representative must sign a time sheet for the crane operator at the end of each day. Any questions regarding the time must be made in writing.
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